Watch Winder Box

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Watch winder box keeps your watch on time with its customizable setups and sturdy structure. 

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Watch Winder Box

Our Watch Winder Boxes have an automatic decoupling feature  90 After the procedure, the vertical position of the upper beam is automatically aligned. Research and testing of the clock mechanism. The vertical top chord is more compatible with the mechanical list top chain mode. Our multiple program settings; 

Mode 1: Off 

Mode 2: Clockwise operation 

Mode 3: Counterclockwise operation 

Mode 4: Clockwise – Rest – Counterclockwise switching operation. 

Gear 1: 650TPD – Rotate for 3 minutes and 28 seconds. continue to rest for 56 minutes and 32 seconds. Gear 2: 900TPD – Rotate for 4 minutes and 48 seconds. continue the cycle, resting for 55 minutes and 12 seconds. Gear 3: 1200TPD – Rotate for 6 minutes 28 seconds. continue to rest for 53 minutes and 32 seconds. Gear shift 4: 1500TPD – Rotate for 8 minutes 08 seconds. rest for 51 minutes and 32 seconds, continue the cycle. 

Tips: Most mechanical watches are chained clockwise. The anti-magnetic design ensures the precise operation of your watch and makes your watch more secure in the watch wrapping box. It has large enough space to rotate your watch, so please don’t worry when it hits your watch. The flexible watch cushion fits any bracelet and strap size and can be used for both men’s and women’s watches. The maximum watch case diameter is 2.6 inches (65 mm). Watch Winder Boxlar increasingly began to see the world and get into this box also acts as the first worldwide to cover your hours that you can use for your watches and protects from dust and dirt motor watch winder best and the most indispensable appliances containing boxlara box selection you make, you can browse to meet all your needs will prevent you from making the extra expense.

Outer Material : MDF Wood With Acrylic
Inner material : Velvet & Microfiber Leather
Storage For : Watches
Motor Type  : Japanese Mabuchi
Interior Color : Black
Outer Color : Black & Brown & Grey
Power Unit : Adapter + Battery
LED Lightning : No
Warranty : 2 Year
Sleep Mode : Yes
Noiseless : Yes
Winding Direction : CCW, CW, CW+CCW
Rotation Program : TPD 650-1950
Automatic Homing
90 ゚ Vertical position upper chord auto-alignment after operation. Research and test of clock mechanism.Vertical upper chord is more in line with mechanical list upper chain mode.
Super Quiet Motor to Safeguard Your Sound Sleep
With super slient gear driven Janpanese motors, this watch winder can rotate 1 automatic watches.
Multiple Program Settings
Mode 1: Closed Mode 2: Clockwise operation Mode 3: Counterclockwise operation Mode 4: Clockwise – Rest – Counterclockwise exchange operation. Gear 1: 650TPD – Rotate 3 minutes 28 second. Rest for 56 minutes 32 second continue to cycle. Gear 2: 900TPD – Rotate 4 minutes 48 second. Rest for 55 minutes 12 second continue to cycle. Gear 3: 1200TPD – Rotate 6 minutes 28 second. Rest for 53 minutes 32 second continue to cycle. Gear 4: 1500TPD – Rotate 8 minutes 08 second. Rest for 51 minutes 32 second continue to cycle. Tips: Most mechanical watches are chained clockwise. If you are using the watch winder for the first time, please set Mode 2.
Fits All Watches
Flexiable watch pillow fit any bracelet and strap sizes and can be used for men’s as well as women’s watches. The maximum watch case diameter is 2.6 inches (65 mm).
Super Quiet Motor
Roroos watch winder uses Japanese upgraded mabuchi motor, control tiresome noise below 5 db, offers extremely quiet, stable running and long life. A literally noise-free winder that you can place it in your bedroom.
Dual Power Supply
Runs on batteries (2 *1.5V not included), as well as normal household AC power (AC adapter is included, 100 volt to 240 volt, fit any country’s voltage requirement)
You can run multiple watch winder at the same time through the power connection cable with one power apdater.
Anti-magnetic design keeps your watch running with precision and makes your watch safer in the watch winder box. It has large enough space to rotate your watch ,so please do not worry it hit your watch.

Watch Winder Box

Watch winders, which those interested in wristwatches will know very well, started to attract attention worldwide.

The watch winder box, an electronic tool, has become indispensable and essential for watches. In this article, you can examine what watch winders are, how they work, in which areas they should be used more, and more.

It will be advantageous to look at our article before buying a watch winder box, which is necessary for watch enthusiasts and every automatic wristwatch user. In this article, you can follow up on which watch winder boxes you can find in different varieties, which one you should choose and what kind of watch winders there are.

How Does the Watch Winder Box Work?

Many abest-watch-winder-boxutomatic wristwatch operating mechanisms are based on wrist movements. The balance wheels in the watch are sensitive to movement and are produced accordingly.

Watches worn on the wrist have mechanisms that ensure that the wheels are not severely affected by the movements of the wrist, and on the contrary, thanks to these movements of the wrist. These arm and wrist movements make the balance wheels turn. There is no problem so far because the natural movements of the arm and wrist are enough for the watches to work smoothly.

When you take off your automatic wristwatch for any reason, since the mechanism inside is sensitive to movement when you are not wearing your watch, your watches that are inactive for a certain period also stop working.

Watches that you put in your drawer and leave them there also stop turning because they do not detect movement. This can cause your watch to stop and not work properly in the long run. Also, you need to update your watch after this process because watches that stop working will not update the times and dates.

The watch winder box also comes into play at this point. Watch winder boxes, which you can think of as a moving wrist where you can wear your watch, not only keep your watches up-to-date but also help prolong their life by feeding their working mechanisms.

The watch winder box contains a rotation inside from the outside as an elegant box or chamber. It is enough to attach your watch to an apparatus that resembles the shape of a wrist, where you can place your watch and place it in the chamber inside the box.

You can then adjust the duration and intensity of the movement inside the chamber so that your watch stays safe. However, your watch will continue to work and stay up to date thanks to the moving and rotating chamber.

This box also acts as a case, protecting your watches from dust and dirt. You can take a look at the watch winder boxes, which are the best and essential motor tools you can use for your watches.

Watch Winder Box Options

There are many types of watch winder boxes available, so if you’re looking to buy a watch winder, your options are plentiful. The design of the watch winder boxes is also very stylish. For this reason, you can also use these boxes as decor in your bedroom. You can find your watch winder boxes, which you can find suitable for every style, made of metal or primary wooden material.

watch-winder-box-optionsYou can order from boxes with double, triple, or quadruple options for those who have more than one watch. You can also use these boxes to show your watches. The chamber inside is visible thanks to the glass cover. You can also watch the rotation of the watches you have placed in the chamber from the outside. Therefore, you can also use it as a lively bedroom decor. Watches are shown in these eye-catching watch winder boxes in many fine watch stores.

Thanks to these boxes, which attract more customers, the watches are also maintained. The rotational movement provided by the boxes is necessary for the working mechanism of the watch, and the internal mechanisms of watches that are not exposed in this movement may need a repair later.

That’s why shops and big brands show and sell their watches in a watch winder box. Automatic wristwatches continue to work regularly as long as the watch is in the winder chamber, and at the same time, they are protected against external factors.

Watch Winder Box Prices

What are the watch winder box prices? There are many watch winder boxes on the market. Some watch winder boxes can be quite luxurious, while others can be more economical. The prices of watch winder boxes vary depending on the materials they are made from and their size.

At the same time, the rotation number and speed of the chamber of the boxes can be adjusted. The prices of the chambers with such speed and rotation settings may increase a little more than the standard ones. Watch winder boxes have power supplies as they create a mechanical movement.

When you purchase a watch winder box, these power supplies are usually included with the kit. In this way, it is possible to charge your winder box. The country of manufacture of the wrapper boxes is also one of the factors affecting the price.

Depending on all these, the prices of automatic wristwatch winder boxes vary according to their design and brand. In this price range, however, many features vary.

When choosing your watch winder box, you should choose it by paying attention to such features. Buying a watch winder box that can meet all your needs will prevent you from making extra expenses.


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